Recall due to dioxin in the breakfast egg

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Eggs contaminated with dioxin are recalled

Again and again eggs with an excessively high dioxin load come onto the market. This is also the case in the latest case of dioxin-contaminated eggs from a laying hen farm in the Münsterland district of Borken. Because of the toxins it contains, a recall was started for the eggs with the stamp numbers 1-DE-05 22462 and 1-DE-05 22461. The authorities warn consumers that they should refrain from eating eggs for health reasons.

Although the dioxin content of the eggs is not so high that they pose an acute health hazard, since the toxins accumulate in the human organism, the eggs with the stamp numbers mentioned should not be eaten, the Ministry of Environment in North Rhine-Westphalia warned . "With regular intake, the toxins accumulate in the body over decades, where they can" lead to disorders in the immune system and cancer, "said a spokesman for the ministry.

Environmental toxins in the breakfast egg Dioxin in the breakfast egg is by no means uncommon, as the proof of the environmental toxin in the eggs of the conventional free range farm in the district of Borken confirms again. Again and again the dangerous substances enter the food chain in mostly unexplained ways. Only thorough controls and quick action help here. Both seem to have worked in the current case. The company had checked that the dioxin level was too high (twice as high as the limit value) and that the PCB value had been significantly increased (limit value exceeded 4.5 times). The delivery of the eggs from the laying hen farm with around 30,000 animals was then immediately stopped and a recall campaign for the affected eggs was started. As the State Environment Agency NRW reports, the operation is currently closed. Soil samples were taken for testing to determine whether there was a temporary or a persistent load. The authorities hope to use the samples to determine the cause of the contamination.

Cause of dioxin contamination unclear Only at the beginning of April the last dioxin scandal, in which the environmental toxicity in eggs from North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony was detected, caused a sensation. In the Minden-Lübbecke district, an organic poultry farm was closed and around a million eggs had to be destroyed. However, the soil samples did not provide any clues when searching for the causes of the contamination. The values ​​were only increased in two soil samples, and to such an extent that the contamination of the eggs could not be triggered by this. The actual cause of the dioxin contamination is still unclear to this day, so it remains to be feared that even with the current detection of dioxin in the eggs from bark, no source of the environmental toxins can be determined in the end. This would be an extremely unsatisfactory result, especially since the determination of the causes of the dioxin load could possibly help to prevent contamination in the same way in the future. (fp)

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