Difficulty breathing after showering

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Eleven students and one teacher have difficulty breathing after showering in the swimming pool

Ruesselsheim. Several elementary school students and their teacher complained about significant breathing difficulties and skin irritation on Wednesday after showering in a Rüsselsheim swimming pool. However, the alarmed rescue workers could not determine the cause of the complaint. After thorough examinations by the local emergency physicians and the clinics that had been switched on, those affected could already return home.

Samples of the shower water are examined. According to the city council of Rüsselsheim, it has so far been unclear what caused the breathing difficulties and skin irritation of the eleven pupils and their teacher. A first inspection of the shower water by the fire department on site did not reveal any information. The district health office will now examine further samples of the shower water in the laboratory. The police are also investigating the case and the municipality has announced that it will investigate. In addition, the water pipes were thoroughly rinsed yesterday. The school for children with severe multiple disabilities, to which the swimming pool belongs, which is used by the pupils of the neighboring primary school, remained closed for the time being.

Cause of complaints with third graders so far unclear The incident in the Rüsselsheim swimming pool puzzles the authorities. Especially since the third graders concerned "did not go into the pool", but rather it happened when the students took a shower, explained the deputy head of the State School Office for the district of Groß-Gerau and the Main-Taunus district, Klaus-Jürgen Feine-Koch. Respiratory problems and skin irritation are a typical sign of contact with excessively high chlorine concentrations, which would be more likely to be expected in pool water than in shower water. However, around half of the twenty third graders present suffered from breathing difficulties and skin irritation immediately after showering. So far it remains open what caused the impairments of the students.

All affected students are doing well. The teacher reacted very prudently to the situation and immediately alerted the emergency doctor, reports Feine-Koch. The emergency services and the fire brigade were also involved. First, the eight to ten-year-old students were examined by the emergency doctors on site. Subsequently, eleven of the children were referred to the hospital for further examinations. However, the pupils could be released immediately after the clinic examination. All children are doing well, emphasized Feine-Koch. "We fell from our hearts, the students fell from our hearts and the teacher fell from our hearts," continued the deputy head of the school office. The result of the investigation into the causes of the incident is nevertheless eagerly awaited, also because it must be ruled out that the processes will be repeated in a comparable form. (fp)

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