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More than half of the glasses in restaurants are contaminated with pathogens

Faecal or intestinal germs and other pathogens are often also taken in with the drink in a restaurant. In a corresponding test, the consumer magazine "Markt" of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) has identified numerous different germs and bacteria on the "water, wine and beer glasses in small restaurants and large national catering chains".

The faecal germs and pus pathogens sticking to the drinking glasses in restaurants are not only a disgusting idea for consumers, but also from a health point of view. In more than half of the restaurants tested, according to the NDR, "pathogens were found that have no place on the glass." The cause is probably negligence in staff hygiene and inadequate cleaning of the glasses. According to the consumer protection organizations surveyed, the results of the sample show that stricter controls on food monitoring are urgently required.

Gut germs and pus pathogens on the drinking glass When examining the consumer magazine “Markt”, only two out of six restaurants tested in Hamburg delivered clean drinking glasses to the table. The remaining glasses were contaminated with potential pathogens. For example, the large chains "Sausalitos", "Alex" and "Schweinske" have been found to contain germs and bacteria. “With Sausalitos, it was gut germs. The laboratory found intestinal germs and additional pus pathogens (Staphylococcus aureus) in the catering chains Alex and Schweinske, ”reports the NDR. Professor Matthias Maass, specialist in microbiology, virology and infection epidemiology at the independent regional laboratory that examined the samples, explained: "I was surprised at how many of these glasses were contaminated with fecal germs, bacteria and pus pathogens." According to Prof. Maass, these pathogens do not belong on a glass to health risks. If such pathogens are detected on the supposedly clean drinking glasses, this is "usually due to the fact that glasses are not rinsed properly, temperatures are too low, no disinfectant is used and there is no proper personal hygiene", the expert continues.

Consumer advocates are demanding hygiene lights. According to the NDR, the consumer advice center in Hamburg was also concerned about the results of the sample. Given the obvious lack of hygiene, Armin Valet from the Hamburg Consumer Advice Center again spoke in favor of a traffic light, "which should be clearly visible at the front of every restaurant business" and "shows how the restaurant was checked, whether the hygiene was OK or whether there are deficiencies here. ”Every consumer could see how good the hygiene is in the respective business even before taking a step into the restaurant, explained Valet.

Not all negatively tested establishments understandable The fact that an objective reference to the hygiene in the restaurants would be appropriate also illustrates the less insightful response of individual companies after they were confronted with the results of the sample by the NDR. For example, according to NDR, “Schweinske” rejected all the allegations as “as unqualified as untrustworthy”. Meanwhile, "Sausalitos" said that their own hygiene regulations were "very high", but they were extremely grateful for the advice from the NDR and "operational steps had already been taken". The “Alex” gave a similar answer to the station's request: “Our guests cannot be satisfied with the result. We are not either. We have already initiated measures to investigate the incident. ”All that remains to be hoped for is that the investigation by the NDR will be received as highly as possible in the industry as a whole, so that in future no faecal germs or other pathogens will be ingested with the drink in the restaurant. (fp)

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